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Getting the mental health help you need is difficult. Deciding to reach out to a therapist is difficult. Finding the right therapist for you and your unique needs is difficult. Those first two steps you must take yourself. And if you’re here, you already did!

Now, let us help guide you with the last step: finding the best therapist for you.

We pride ourselves on the service we provide to people like you in the Amarillo Community. Struggling with your mental health is normal, but seeking help, sadly, is not always so normal.

But you never, ever have to face your mental health alone. That’s where we come in. We are passionate and dedicated to helping you learn about and navigate your mental health.

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Look at the Numbers

We pay close attention to the numbers at Recovatry. Here are a few key metrics about the average term of care to consider before beginning psychotherapy with us. 

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Why Choose Recovatry

As we consider ourselves high-end, quality therapists, we put you first. We’re in the business of helping people understand their mental health problems and live a happy, meaningful life.

Our Promises

Other counselors are burnt out, exhausted, and uninterested. They offer surface-level, cookie-cutter solutions.

Not us.

We understand each of our patients has a unique set of core wounds and problems. So we will always help you dig deep to understand yourself and offer personalized versions of researched based techniques & solutions

Other counselors take your money and add you to their client list even when they have little passion or expertise with your specific set of issues.

Not us.

We can’t be experts on every mental health disorder. And we won’t lie and say we are just to get more patients. After our initial consultation, if we feel we are not the right people to help you, we will set you up with another awesome therapist in the Amarillo area that is right for your specified set of issues.

When we are in session with you, we are WITH you in the moment. We are listening; we are understanding; and we are guiding you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your mind.

Measurement-Based Care

There are tons of mental health professionals, counselors, and therapists in Amarillo to choose from. But only a few will give you what you need. Measurement-Based Care (MBC) is a fancy way of saying we research our methods and outcomes to ensure you and every single one of our patients get real results.

MBC is considered best practice. It is an effective, science-based, data-driven way to offer the best services for our patients. Research has even shown that MBC is connected to significantly improved results. 

Yet only 20% of mental health professionals use MBC.

We are very proud to be in that 20%. Because we use MBC, you can be guaranteed to get the best, most effective techniques and methods. This means you have a higher chance of real change and results with us than with other therapists who DON’T offer MBC.

Evidence-Based Therapies

Finally, our therapists use evidence-based therapies (EBTs) which are based on science and historically proven to be effective. Of course, there are multiple EBTs, so how do we know which one to use for you?

We take three things into consideration when choosing which EBT to use: 1) the best clinical scientific evidence for your specific needs; 2) your values and preferences as a client (yes, you get input!); 3) your therapist’s experience

When all 3 points are discussed and thought through, you will get the right and most effective EBT for you.