Vision Statement

Enhance MBC with technology that improves outcomes and appeals to providers across the industry

Vision for counseling office in Amarillo with telescope to see the stars

Even though measurement-based care (MBC) improves outcomes, it is sadly underused with typically less than 20% of behavioral health practitioners integrating it into their practice.  Our vision to become a leader in the behavioral health field hinges on our desire to see more practitioners incorporate MBC into their care model. 

We’re developing strategies for supporting MBC implementation and sustainment in the industry by utilizing state-of-the-art computer information technology to improve mental health care at our own practice.  This network application will scale-up and licensing will be offered to other professionals in the industry to improve outcomes, overall. 

We know this is a big goal and will take years to develop.  In the meantime, we have the support of the research community in three very important ways: 1) working to harmonize terminology and specify MBC’s core components; 2) developing algorithms for MBC to guide psychotherapy; 3) streamlining measurement feedback systems to include key ingredients and enhance electronic health record interoperability.

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