Show up and be honest

duct tape over mouth

Knowing how people jeopardize therapy and learning what you can do instead, will ensure you get the most out of your experience…

Have your cake and eat it, too

have your cake and eat it, too

When we’re double-minded we don’t get much done. Here’s how to develop the singular focus required to achieve your goals: the double-bind exercise…

Desire is everything

Bite the apple

Desire shapes the brain faster than any other emotion and we can do anything we set our minds to when we understand how it works…

Simply curing anxiety

Cure for anxiety

Anxiety is a normal experience, but some people worry more than most. There is a simple cure for anxiety that can be found in this article…

Essential tips for outdoor exercise

Person running outside

Starting an outdoor exercise routine sounds easy enough, but it can be extremely challenging if you’re busy and sensitive to cold weather. If that’s you, then…

Restoring our Paleolithic rhythm

Cavemen looking at laptop

Exposure to nature and tapping into our genetic disposition to an active lifestyle significantly improves our sense of well-being. Our Paleolithic rhythm…

We want people to know this…

Therapy works

We focus on what we’re good at and measure progress often. That’s how we make sure the evidence-based therapies we provide at Recovatry work!

Socratic questioning in therapy

Socratic questioning in therapy

Helping people correct their unconscious self-defeating beliefs is something I love to do. Instead of telling them what to believe, or telling them what they believe is wrong…

Depression: A client’s perspective

What is depression?

What is depression from the client’s perspective? Clients often speak in metaphors when describing what it’s like to be depressed. Here is…

Finding the Why


Finding our why will enhance motivation and produce a concise, memorable mission statement that will ensure victory over our bad habits.