Couples Intensive:

March 25, 2023


Learn to become a Master Couple with researched-based Gottman method. Presented by therapists, Pace and Melissa Lawson, both trained by the Gottman Institute.

What you can expect to gain:

1. Effective communication
2. Resolve current conflict
3. Marital satisfaction tips

Recovatry's Partners

9-9:30am – Introductions
9:30-10am – Intro to Gottman method
10-11am – Communicating effectively
11-12pm – Group therapy
12-1pm – Lunch break
1-2pm – Love map exercise
2-3pm – Resolving conflict
3-4pm – Group therapy

$225 per couple; Limited to first 3 couples; Meals not included

Pace and Melissa Lawson met in 2008, share three children together and are happily married. Their marriage hasn’t come without conflict, though. Having had their fair share of marital issues early on, they invested in couples counseling and marriage retreats to enhance their own relationship. They’ve learned the art and science of marriage, firsthand, and have the desire to help other couples do the same, as therapists in Amarillo. 

With more than 15 years of combined experience, Pace and Melissa are experienced and confident helping disaster couples become master couples.