Depression Therapy

The most life-threatening mental health conditions we treat is depression. We take our responsibility very seriously and strive to support the will to live in all of our patients.

Depression doesn’t always include suicidal ideations, sometimes we successfully treat mild cases of depression, too. For depression therapy in Amarillo choose Recovatry.

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Depression is a mental health condition that typically manifests in low energy and unpleasant mood states.  Thought patterns commonly associated with depression are of a bleak, hopeless, and unmotivating nature.  We diagnose depression using the PHQ-9, a valid and reliable diagnostic tool with nine criteria, each measured on a 4-point Likert scale.  Scores above five indicate likelihood of major depressive disorder (MDD), which warrants clinical intervention.  Scores between 5-10 indicate mild depression, 10-14 indicate moderate depression, and scores above 15 are considered moderately severe to high risk. 

There are various other associated mood disorders, and to keep things simple we’re only referring to MDD and it’s measure here.  For more information on depressive-related mental health conditions, please schedule a consultation with one of our therapists.

We often partner with prescribers (i.e., MD’s), either PCPs or psychiatrists.  There are barriers to treatment in Amarillo.  Namely, long wait lists and lack of an adequate number of psychiatrists in our area.  Therefore, most of our prescriber partners are PCPs.  As a matter of fact, 40% of people with depression begin the conversation about treatment with their PCP.  It can be a good place to start.  

Mild cases of depression call for watchful waiting and regular follow-up care.  Moderate cases require clinical intervention with treatment plan.  At our office, we specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which challenges long-held beliefs about self, others, and the world that exacerbate depression and equips patients with novel health behaviors proven effective at mitigating depressive symptoms. 

Severe cases of depression often require pharmacotherapy and frequent monitoring which calls on our network of prescribers to implement what’s known as collaborative care.  In essence, we create a team of professionals and support people to help our patients recover.