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Evidence-based care

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motivational interviewing

Resolving ambivalence and uncovering the motivation to make changes that result in a brighter future.

cognitive interventions

Changing the way we think about things, results in an affective shift in our mood and behavior.

behavioral interventions

Behavioral therapies help recondition learned responses and produce novel healthy alternatives.

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

We have counselors that have recovered from addiction, others have suffered as affected families members. Moreover, some of our therapists have overcome serious mental illness and/or adverse childhood trauma. Lived experience is one of our core values.

Yes, we currently offer multiple group experiences for our established clientele. Otherwise, we have many self-paced online courses available on our website.

For affected family members:

  1. You’ll find peace of mind knowing that you tried everything
  2. You’ll learn communication techniques proven to motivate your loved ones
  3. We partner with you in navigating the healthcare system
  4. You’ll aslo be given tools to enhance your own wellness

For those suffering from mental health conditions:

  1. You’ll develop a thorough understanding of the condition you’re currently experiencing
  2. You’ll implement solutions and learn a new skill set to improve your overall mental health
  3. You’ll enhance your ability to achieve long-term goals
  4. You’ll discover a new sense of purpose in life

Motivational Interviewing helps people find the motivation to make positive decisions and accomplish established goals. We spend quality time with people, learning what it is they want for themselves more than anything else.

Cognitive therapy is based on the concept that the way we think about things affects how we feel emotionally. We unconsciously hold a wide range of beliefs that therapy promises to uncover.

Behavioral therapy helps people change learned responses to cues and begin the process of reconditioning their life. Habit development is central to the recovery process and is our specialty.

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